For executives software is a black box

You’ve got hundreds or thousands of applications including new and legacy systems, different flavors of programing languages, and developer tools. On the people front there are internal, outsourced, and distributed teams.

Code+People Management

By analyzing data from your various systems, Seerene is able to identify improvement opportunities with respect to speed, productivity, quality and risk. Progress and achievements can be shared across different levels of the organization.

Discover Use Cases

Implement in weeks, not months

Pre-Built Connectors

Seerene analyzes data from your existing systems so you won’t have to implement any new processes.

Highly Secure

Fortune 500 companies trust Seerene.
It is delivered as a SaaS solution, and absolutely no proprietary code or confidential information leaves the firewall.

Built to Scale

We can add an application in as little as 15 minutes. Seerene has customers who have connected thousands of apps giving them enterprise-wide visibility.

Our Customers include A Top 3 Global Automotive Company Automotive Company Investment Bank Pharmaceuticals Company Software Company Brewery

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