Our Mission: Code+People

Every company is a software company

Whether you’re a bank or a car manufacturer, software has become your most important asset. It is rapidly disrupting existing industries and creating new market leaders. Today’s executives realize that much of a company’s value is in its software and its pace of product innovation.

You need to be great at managing your development capacity

While companies have ERP applications for financial metrics and CRM systems for sales metrics, there hasn’t been a performance management system capable of measuring the value and success of a company's software investment.

Company History

2004 Idea first conceived at the Hasso Plattner Institute
September 2015 Seerene
was born
December 2015 Raised $5M
seed round led by Earlybird
January 2017 Raised $14M
Series A led by Lakestar
Today 90+ employees
with offices around the world

Leadership Team

Srikant Vemuri

Srikant Vemuri

Chief Product Officer

Srikant heads up the product & product design organizations and is responsible for driving product, product strategy and customer user experience. Prior to Seerene, Srikant was the Head of Product at Womply, a SMB SaaS Analytics startup that scaled its customer base from 10,000 to 100,000+ under his leadership. Srikant has a strong roots in engineering and business, that make him a great product leader for early stage startups.

Guido von Klitzing

Guido von Klitzing

Chief Revenue Officer

Guido leads Seerene’s sales and revenue generating functions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Prior to Seerene, Guido held senior regional and European management and executive positions at Microsoft, Citrix and IBM for more than 20 years, where he led the German IBM software division for banks and insurance customers, among other duties. He also was responsible for building and leading all sales of IBM Europe’s cloud division. In the 1990s, he served as regional technology director in charge of building and running the technical presales organization of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe.

Marc Hildebrandt

Marc Hildebrandt

Founder, Executive Chairman

As the Executive Chairman, Marc leads both the company and the board of Seerene.

As an entrepreneur, Marc has garnered over 17 years of experience in starting, growing and exiting various highly successful technology companies as the CEO and Founder of his holding company, German Deep Tech. One of his first projects was LandXplorer in 2002, which was acquired in 2008 by Autodesk, Inc., in San Francisco and helped transform Autodesk into the immediate leader in 3D geospatial visualizations.

Johannes Bohnet

Johannes Bohnet

Founder, Chief Evangelist

As the CCO, Johannes makes sure that Seerene’s product strategy is aligned with the needs of its customers and the market, and leads the customer-facing product and service functions.

Prior to Seerene, Johannes completed his graduate studies in physics at the German Universities of Heidelberg and Münster. He graduated summa cum laude with a doctorate of computer sciences from Potsdam. He headed the automated software analysis and visualization research group at the Hasso Plattner Institute, the university’s center of excellence for IT systems engineering in Potsdam. In addition, he was an IT consultant and trainer at a renowned consultancy firm in Frankfurt, Germany, for many years.

Ada Fong

Ada Fong

General Manager APAC

Ada leads Seerene’s sales and revenue generating functions across Asia.

Prior to Seerene, Ada was the Senior Vice President of global sales and marketing for a Nasdaq-listed American corporation for 12 years. A Hong Kong native, Ada has managed business development and sales teams globally and has been based in Hong Kong, California and Berlin.

Mathias Hoehme

Mathias Hoehme

Vice President of Finance

Mathias is running our global finance function.

Prior to Seerene, Mathias served as Chief Financial Officer respectively as a Senior Finance Director in various companies. He also held a position as a managing director of a tax consultancy company. Mathias began his career at KPMG, where he passed the tax consultant as well as the German CPA exam in 2005.


Jason Whitmire

Jason Whitmire

General Partner, BlueYard
Mark Schmitz

Mark Schmitz

General Partner, Lakestar


Bill Macaitis

Bill Macaitis

Former CMO of Zendesk & Slack
JJ Sendelbach

JJ Sendelbach

Former COO of Deutsche Bank

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